Simply purchasing an EMR will not give you the results you are looking for. The system you purchase needs to be effectively implemented in order for you to realize the return on investment and overall success you need. Although FortéEMR is highly intuitive and user-friendly, getting effectively setup is greatly enhanced with proper training. To that end, all purchases of FortéEMR come with training for your office. You will find many other EMR companies have a low price for the software alone and then charge required training fees. Other companies will offer the software with no training, which is one of the reasons why many EMR implementations fail. At Forté we believe in offering one price for the product which includes training. This way we can be sure we are delivering on our goal to help your practice, and you can be sure everyone at your office is comfortable with the system. In addition, all of our packages come with follow up refresher training via the web, as well as tutorial training cd's for your office to keep.

Software training comes with many other advantages:

  • On average, untrained users take up to six times longer to perform the same tasks as trained users.
  • Training enhances employee retention. An L.H. and Associates Poll reports that employees who say their company offers excellent training have only a 12% interest in leaving that company compared with a 41% margin for those employees that say their company does not offer training.
  • By getting training on all software features you are truly maximizing your investment. Untrained offices often utilize as little as 30% of the total features in the software. Utilizing more features results in a better return on investment.
  • Improved customer service. Employees that are not frustrated with their office tools will be happier and more productive when interacting with your patients. In many cases these features will directly enhance your patients experience as well.