Paperless Office

"Going paperless" is a popular thing to talk about. Certainly it is one of the main advantages of moving to an EMR software solution. It also can be a very nebulous phrase. What does "going paperless" actually mean? How will it produce tangible benefits to my office? It is an important step to decide just how quickly you take your office paperless. It is also important to remember that you can phase in the paperless process while using FortéEMR. In fact, it often makes more sense to make it a gradual process. The true essence of going paperless should be for cost reduction and better efficiency. Below are some of the examples of how the paperless process achieves both.

  • Eliminates costly transcription fees
  • Improves office productivity through better accessibility and workflow
  • See more patients due to accessibility of patient's medical history and ease of charting
  • Patient records can be simultaneously viewed from any terminal on the network
  • Reduce unnecessary administrative functions and tasks in your office
  • For multi-location practices, eliminate courier fees
  • Reduce costs relating to supplies (cabinets, folders, paper, toner, etc)
  • Possibly gain a treatment room by reducing filing cabinet space
  • Build your practice faster by quickly responding to referring doctors using templates
  • Avoid damaged or misplaced charts and folders
  • Eliminate off-site storage of files