Faster Notes

The true basis of electronic medical records is to make your documentation process thorough while reducing the time it takes to accomplish. Many physicians either take shortcuts on their notes or instead work hours of overtime. The mission of the medical profession is to provide the best quality healthcare to patients. The basis of your business is to translate that service into significant profits. Your personal goals probably don't include staying at work 2-3 hours each day after closing or taking a myriad of notes home to finish. Now add to the equation an ever increasing set of requirements issued by insurance companies and greater information expectations from your patients. If you are on this website looking at an EMR/EHR solution, you probably are experiencing some level of frustration that is inherent with these problems. FortéEMR is a total solution designed to give you bulletproof notes in a fraction of the time it would normally take. FortéEMR comes standard with a wide variety of templates all of which can be customized. For offices with specific needs, creating note templates from scratch not only is possible but doesn't require a NASA engineer to setup. With the time you will save using our charting functions you can put that towards marketing strategy, seeing more patients, or relaxing a bit by spending less time at the office.

  • Point and click interface makes charting fast and easy
  • No folders to file, nothing to misplace, and every note is typed
    for legibility
  • Macros pull demographic or other stored information directly
    into the note
  • Color coding for easy and understandable viewing at a glance
  • Default phrasing makes it possible to chart by exception
  • Interface makes it easy to document multiple chief complaints
  • Templates are completely flexible - alter any or create your own
  • Simple access to patient's past medical history
  • Single screen "What you see is what you get" template - no need to move to a completely different screen to enter subjective, objective, assessment, and plan