Maximize Your Billing

There are many reasons to buy an EMR system. Most of them are in the form of increasing efficiency, reducing paper, saving time, and protecting against things that can hurt your business. Although any of those are excellent reasons to transition to EMR, there is one reason which can justify the expense faster than any other. That reason is the optimization of your billing. FortéEMR has a host of features to help you maximize your coding to get paid every dollar that you deserve. Many physicians who are not using EMR are known to intentionally undercode in an attempt to "fly under the radar". They do this due to a lack of notes and documentation relating to the patient. In addition to being illegal, it is also detrimental to your office to not take the highest reimbursement available. Since FortéEMR is designed to make all of your notes complete and fully accurate, there is no longer a reason to settle for undercoding.

  • Thoroughly supports your billing claims with complete documentation
  • Direct billing information exchange with your billing and practice software
  • Software training includes ways to use features to increase billing revenue


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