Audit Protection

Audit protection is the most commonly overlooked benefit of EMR. Medicare and private insurance companies are stepping up their audits. As they often use independent contractors who are commission based, it is more and more important that your clinical documentation is ready to withstand a probe. Even if you are fortunate enough to never be audited, wouldn't you like to know you would be okay if you were investigated? Most negative rulings in audits result from incomplete notes, non-existent notes, or inconsistent documentation. All of these things are items which FortéEMR helps you avoid. Some of the ways our software can help in this area are listed below.
  • Procedure codes are based on created documentation, helping to prevent accidental overcoding or undercoding
  • Precise content and formatting of notes makes for more solid backup
  • Reduce denials by eliminating any incomplete notes
  • No fear of notes or files be lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed
  • No need to intentionally undercode for fear of audit; a practice that is also illegal
  • Preparation time for an audit is greatly reduced as there is no need to search for records


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